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"Trafalgar" by David Aldus U.A (now reserved 5/11/10)

"Trafalgar" by David Aldus U.A (now reserved 5/11/10)



MAGNIFICENT ENORMOUS HIGH PRESTIGE EXHIBITION STANDARD OIL PAINTING "Trafalgar".  BY THE FABULOUS ARTIST DAVID ALDUS. This amazing painting of the flagship Victory in the depths of one of the most famous battles ever - Trafalgar!!




"Trafalgar" by David Aldus U.A


traf 2

This beautiful classic painting capturing a terrifying historic moment at the infamous battle of Trafalgar 1805.

traf 3

Lord Nelson can be seen on the deck!!



Nelson in this painting was minutes from death as he charges through,in the centre ship Victory.To the right of the Victory is the french ship Redoutable which is laden with snipers in the rigging. Both ships Victory and the Redoutable veer away from the sunken french ship in the foreground. Not to avoid the men but to avoid damage to their hulls.


Some macabre details of ship warfare are present in this painting and were used extensively during battles between wooden ships. It can be seen that the Victory has red tarpaulin edging their decks. This was supposedly used to protect snipers standing on deck, but it's main, undisclosed reason was to conceal the blood of those who were killed - sometimes numbered in their hundreds. Exactly the same ploy has been used mid-decks.

traf 4

The interior walls would be painted red and, as can be seen, the inner sides of the portals were also painted red!!!! Other facts from the battle- No english ship was lost, Nelson's ships were veritable killing machines. Unlike other navies Nelson's ships were feared as they would fire as the ships dipped so firing into enemy ship's hulls killing all. Other Navys would aim at ships sails to disable them. The bow of the Victory is not how you can see it today at Portsmouth as the ship was badly damaged at Trafalgar so has since been repaired with the bow as it exists today !!!


traf 8

"Trafalgar!" by David Aldus to be exhibited in conjunction with the Contemporary Turner Gallery John Houston's Off the Square in Margate.

The Fighting Temeraire is also in the painting to the left of Victory,  in fact she provided covering fire to the left flank. The Temeraire was a french ship stolen by the English in previous battles and re-named the Fighting Temeraire. The ship to the far left is Villeneuve's flagship the Bucantaure which surrendered to give Nelson his famous Victory. Nelson's Victory can cleary be seen damaged as Nelson insisted he was the first ship into battle telling all other english battleships to get back behind him. Sadly here the one eyed, one armed hero was gunned down but will be forever remembered.

traf 5

 Highest price received for one of his paintings is £14,000. "Lot's Wife"  Absolute investment opportunity! ) Measurements

4 foot 4''  x    5 foot 7''     1 metre 32cms x 1 metre 73 cms.  Oil on Canvas

  Oil on Canvas ..............

                     Wikipedia; david aldus                               davidaldus.com                              

David Aldus the artist has exhibited with the Royal Society of British Artists ( R.B.A ); the Royal Institute of Oils ( R.O.I ); and the Royal Society of Marine Artists        ( R.S.M.A ) He has been nominated twice as a finalist in the Garrick/Milne prize exhibition held at Christies LONDON. His work has been selected for the Discerning Eye Exhibition by Art Critic, Edward Lucie Smith, where all his work was sold. He also sold all his work at the Lambeth Palace when exhibiting under the auspices of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.  Highest price received for one of his paintings is £14,000. "Lot's Wife". This painting was the same size as Turner's Hannibal crossing the Alps 5 foot by 8 foot. David Aldus also sold "A tribute to the people of Malta" that sold for £10,000. The painting was received by the President of Malta Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici and is now in the  museum of Malta in Valletta. The same painting was the subject of a congratulatory letter from Queen Elizabeth II. Lord Lewin, Admiral of the Fleet also sent a letter of congratulations.He has held one or two-man shows at Knightsbridge; South Kensington; Windsor and numerous other venues. He has exhibited in Westminster Central Hall; Royal Festival Hall;Birmingham's Royal British Artists exhibition;Victoria Art Gallery, Bath; Rooksmoor Gallery, Bath; London Guildhall; Mann Island, Liverpool; Christies, the London Auction House, etc.



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